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Monet Workforce Management Software

About Workforce Management

About Workforce Management

Today, successful contact center managers understand the value of workforce planning and management - the scheduling efficiency gained here translates directly into cost savings. With increasing pressure to do more with the same - or less - managers at small to large contact centers are constantly seeking to improve efficiency and productivity. Workforce planning software is a vital component in capturing these efficiencies. For the small to medium size contact center, finding tools that provide world class forecasting and personnel scheduling can be difficult. Today, most workforce management systems are designed for the needs of much larger contact centers, yet managing in small and medium sized contact centers is every bit as challenging as the large enterprise. The most common approach today is the old-fashioned way - planning by estimates, no real time adherence, and advantage of enterprise grade workforce management software without the IT headaches and capital expenditure.

Product Overview

Monet WFM OnDemand is online workforce management technology that is managed by Monet Software. Monet WFM OnDemand offers the capabilities of Monet WFM 4.7 in an easy-to-use on demand model. Monet WFM OnDemand lets customers forecast and schedule agents to handle inbound calls, outbound calls, email, Internet messaging, web callbacks and other related back office activities. Monet WFM OnDemand requires no hardware, software and IT support resources. All upgrades are included, so the technology is always current. Monet Software manages all required technology to run your contact centers from 25 to over 1,000 agents.

Monet allows you to:
  •  Significantly reduce time-consuming administrative tasks
  •  Reduce the possibility of scheduling problems and improve employee morale
  •  Empower agents to take control of their work schedules and time off requests
  •  Proactively communicate with agents and make scheduling changes in real-time online when call volumes are higher than expected
  •  Minimize the time supervisors spend on reviewing agents' scheduling exceptions to free supervisors up to focus on more critical tasks such as training and performance monitoring
  •  Let agents manage their own schedules without impacting service level goals
  •  Consistently manage agents cost-effectively and in real-time
  •  Eliminate the manual approach to workforce management by automating the tedious process of forecasting call volumes and agent scheduling
  •  Make faster and better-informed decisions based on historical data
  •  Improve productivity by ensuring that the right skills are in the right channels when your customers need it
  •  Achieve full workforce optimization at a fraction of the cost and significantly increase profitability
  •  Gain greater access through a Web portal that allows agents and supervisors to view schedules, monitor performance, and automate common tasks
  •  Leverage intelligent tools that add instant value to your contact center by receiving better information that allows you to make smarter decisions
  •  Easily manage your workforce across multiple contact centers and time zones
  •  Streamline tasks, enhance performance, increase customer service levels, and significantly reduce overall costs