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Call Center Software On Demand

Siebel Contact Center and Service

Oracle's Siebel Contact Center and Service product family helps businesses deliver quicker, better, and more-efficient customer service. Whether a company needs hosted, mobile, or on-premise solutions, these applications provide optimal resource deployment, speedy issue resolution, one-and-done request handling, and powerful tracking and analytics capabilities. As a result, businesses can increase customer satisfaction while cutting costs at all touch points around the globe.

Oracle's Siebel Contact Center transforms a business's call center into an integral part of its total sales, marketing, and service delivery strategy. The application enables agents to handle service, support, and sales interactions seamlessly across all communication channels. As a result, businesses can reduce costs while enhancing service delivery.


  •  E-mail Response—automatically respond to customer e-mail
  •  Computer Telephony Integration—provide caller information to agents automatically
  •  Customer Dashboard—present a comprehensive view of critical information about a customer
  •  Contact Management—provide agents with a complete history of all interactions with a customer
  •  Household Management—view the complete profile of economically affiliated individuals
  •  Contextual Search—retrieve information from anywhere in the application
  •  Workflow Management—route and track tasks throughout their lifecycles

Increase Sales Velocity and Alignment

Sales environments are increasingly complex and demanding. Customers shift priorities and market dynamics change rapidly. Your sales professionals are expected to know more, and do more. Siebel Sales delivers market-leading tools to help your sales force meet your selling challenges—improve pipeline visibility, increase sales effectiveness, and raise bottom line results.


  •  Interactive Dashboard—analyze service metrics from a single consolidated dashboard
  •  Self-Service Access—deliver personally tailored reports to every team member
  •  Data Warehousing—take advantage of an out-of-the-box warehousing solution
  •  Intelligent Reporting—save time and gain insight with prebuilt and ad hoc reports