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IEX Total Workforce Management

TotalView® Professional Services

IEX Corporation, a subsidiary of NICE Systems Ltd., fosters successful relationships with customers through diligent technical support, training and on-going consultation.

We offer a wide-range of consulting services and training programs to help customers establish best practices and stay up-to-speed on the latest technology changes. Our consultants will recommend the right mix of services and courses to meet your immediate needs and accomplish long-term goals.

Technical support is available throughout the lifecycle of your system. As you adopt new technologies and processes, our team ensures your system runs at peak performance and users are knowledgeable.

At IEX, we believe long-term success is earned by building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. That’s why we host the industry’s largest and most successful user conference dedicated to workforce management every year. We also employ a team of Customer Advocates dedicated to making sure you receive the maximum benefit from your investment.

Continuous Customer Support
  •   Technical support tailored to your needs
  •   Online customer support center
  •   An Implementation Manager and Customer Advocate dedicated to you
  •   Comprehensive consulting services
  •   Active user advisory board
  •   Informative newsletters
  •   Best practice showcases
  •   Online user forums and monthly conference calls
  •   Regional user meetings
  •   Admission to the industry's most highly attended user conference
Consulting Services

Our consulting services help you get the most out of your technology investment. Based on your current environment, IEX will recommend the services you need to improve operations and meet long-term goals:

  •   Work Process Analysis
  •   Management Job Design
  •  · Sales Performance Analysis
  •   Skills-based Routing Implementation
  •   Multimedia Service Optimization
  •   Business Planning
  •   Technology Cost versus Benefit Analysis

We also offer workshops and review sessions to expand user knowledge in key areas:

  •   TotalView Workforce Management
  •   Contact Center Management and Performance
  •   Virtual Contact Center Policies and Practices

With the increasing complexity of the contact center, managers must stay on top of the latest technology trends or their contact center will fall behind. To keep you up-to-speed on the latest workforce management techniques, IEX offers an extensive training program. The IEX training staff is comprised of instructors with more than 200 years of combined workforce management experience. They also have more than 125 years of TotalView experience and training to their credit. At IEX, we’re committed to proven adult learning techniques that ensure a high knowledge retention rate. In support of that commitment, our trainers hold a Participant-Centered Facilitator Certification from the nationally recognized adult learning experts, the Bob Pike Group.

Our professional trainers are here to help you with focused training plan development. We’ll work with you to present an onsite training plan customized to meet your needs. Or, you can attend scheduled training courses at our Richardson, Texas headquarters. eTrainer computer-based training modules are also available for specific features. Once you’ve identified the right training method for your organization,we’ll present it when and where it’s most convenient.