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Predictive Dialer Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of having a predictive dialer in your call center. Not every predictive dialer will have all the benefits but higher end systems will give your call center most of the benefits listed below...and more!

  1.  Double your sales per hour per agent. If your office can see a 50% increase in sales, then you could realize up to a 100% increase in profits. Most centers will see a 100% increase in sales but the absolute minimum is usually a 50% increase in talk time. The increase in productivity is accomplished by the system predicting when your agents will finish the current phone call they are on and the system will dial out on another phone line while the agents are still talking to customers. After an agent is available, the system will then pass a phone call over to an agent instantly after a customer picks up the phone. No more listening to the ringing phone when you are waiting for a customer to pick up.

    Some owners/managers don't realize this number is so high, but it takes about 30 seconds to manually dial a phone number and let it ring four times. On the average for a business to consumer campaign one of every 6 or 7 prospects will answer the phone. Imagine the time and money a predictive dialer could save your center. If the phone call is not answered, the dialer will remember this and call the prospective customer back at a later time with no agent or supervisor input. If the phone number called is a disconnected phone number or a fax machine, the system will detect this before passing it over to an agent to save even more time. When you get a customer that says "Do not call me again." your agent will simply press a button and the dialer will never call that customer again. If the customer asks for a return phone call then the agent will simply tell the dialer what day and time to call the customer back. Not all predictive dialers will perform all of these functions but most quality predictive dialers will.

  2.   You can save hours of management time by being able to utilize the predictive dialers lead management system. This system will clean your lists against any state and federal do not call lists, as well as help organize data such as sales, leads, call-backs etc. This can be very valuable for deciding which times of day work best to call, finding the best lead vendor, etc.

  3.  A predictive dialer can use the same analog phone lines you should already have in your call center, or allow you to possibly utilize either a T-1 for increased savings. This way, having up to 24 phone lines can cost you as little as $250 per month plus long distance rates almost always under 1.5 ยข per minute.

  4.  A predictive dialer can determine when to make a phone call based upon a mathematical formula called an "algorithm". The algorithm will decide the precise time to place a phone call to keep your agents talking to customers as much as possible and still keep your abandonment rate below the federal requirements. Here's a good example: It takes your agents 30 seconds to dial a phone number and get ready for the next call. If only one in six customers answer the phone then your agent will spend approximately 3 minutes dialing the phone and listening to it ring before they reach a live customers if they are dialing efficiently. Now... Using the predictive dialer and it's higher number of lines and mathematical algorithm are able to cut that time down to between 15 and 30 seconds in between talking to live customers. Could you imagine your best reps DOUBLING their sales? Many call center owners and managers report that their average agents are able to double what their best callers were doing before a predictive dialer.

  5.  A predictive dialing system will also help you control your leads. Once a number has been called by the system, the system will remember what time the call was place and the outcome of the call. For instance, if your agent logs a lead or sale from the phone call, the predictive dialer will remember that a sale was made at that phone number and not call the customer again until you tell it to. You may now print or export an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. report of your sales along with any information collected on the phone call for processing. If the customer asks not to be called again, your agent will select the disposition code of "Do not call" and the dialer will add the customer's phone number to your do-not-call list so that it can't be called again. If a customer asks to be called back later, the agent simply selects a time and date for the call back to be made and when it becomes time to call the customer back, the system will display the customer's information as well as any notes taken for reference during the conversation.

  6.  A predictive dialer can help give you more time to put your efforts into managing your center. Instead of passing out phone numbers, you can now be trying to help your agents get better at making the sale.

  7.   A predictive dialer can allow you better control or management over your agents by allowing you to listen to any agent at any time to assist with training. A good monitoring system will not even let the agents know you are listening to them. You will also be able to view live statistics to see which agents are performing well and which agents are needing more help. Another common problem in a center dialing manually is when agents are either not working efficiently or aren't working at all but just "looking busy". A predictive dialer can allow you to see how many calls they have completed and the result of each call in REAL TIME, as well as the total break time for each agent or the entire shift. Most every call center reports that their agents are happier, stay at the job longer and are much more productive after adding a predictive dialer.

  8.   By allowing you to increase your call center and management efficiency, you will be able to increase your profits. Many customers see a total return on their investment in 3 months or less!

Predictive dialing is the perfect technology to increase agent productivity by maximizing their “talk time”. It addresses the problems faced by Call Center Agents in handling outbound Telemarketing to consumers- low contact rates.

Low contact rates are a waste of the payroll investment in your Call Center Agents, and also lead to agent boredom. Manual calling typically results in 15-20 minutes of talk time by the Call Center Agent doing consumer calling because of no answers, busy signals, bad numbers, answering machines, and the time it takes to dial.

With Promero's Predictive dialing, it is possible to increase this talk time by 300% to 45-48 minutes per hour. The technology works by creating an algorithm, a mathematical formula which is agent specific and job specific. For example, on a particular job, it might take typically 5 minutes from the beginning to the close of the call for a particular agent. So, the contact center system will dial a pre determined number of lines say four minutes and twenty seconds into this call, so there is a very high probability that within 5 seconds of finishing the first call a new call will be served up to the Call Center Agent.