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Contact Center Anywhere Overview

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere Overview

The product, called Oracle Contact Center Anywhere (CCA), is an all-in-one system for multidimensional routing of Voice, Chat, E-mail, Fax and Web callback requests. CCA was born integrated by design, with its own IVR, Web collaboration, conferencing, recording, CTI and predictive/preview dialing that supports blended I/O environments and offers powerful remote agent features.

Unlike legacy ACDs, which were based on proprietary hardware, Oracle
Contact Center Anywhere uses standards-based servers.

CCA is designed for ease of deployment, management and administration with a single, browser-based, menu-driven, tool set. These features will make is much easier for you to manage their call center environment than in the past. The multi-tenancy features will empower you to also deploy multiple, disparate call centers on a single system infrastructure.

Oracle's Contact Center Anywhere is platform independent and supports SIP, H.323 and circuit-switched telephony. It can be deployed as a standalone ACD solution, or be overlaid on existing infrastructure to retain investment value, while using its scalability for expansion and transition to VoIP.

CCA offers the scalability, security and reliability to meet your needs both now and in the future. Oracles Contact Center Anywhere browser-based application permits any Internet connected PC to access agent, supervisor or administrative functions of the system. In your deployment, agents, supervisors and administrators may be located in a common center, multiple distributed centers, all remote, or any combination of the foregoing. All that is required is a high-speed Internet connection and any type of telephony device. This approach could also be extended into the high-speed offerings of leading cellular networks as a connection medium.

Oracle's Contact Center Anywhere provides the software infrastructure for, and applies skills based routing to, a comprehensive set of communications, including: PSTN and VoIP phone/fax calls (ACD), chat sessions with Web collaboration, e-mail with automated-analysis and automated-response, voice-over-Web, Web-callback, unified messaging, blended predictive and preview dialing, IVR, supervisor call monitoring and coaching capabilities, agent screen monitoring and control, call recording/logging, and more. This true multimedia ACD functionality is CCAs core competency and deploys in a format that can scale without theoretical limit.

The user friendly configuration capability of Oracles Contact Center Anywhere means that new call centers can be set up extremely rapidly, thus leading to lower operating costs. CCA will deliver higher productivity and customer satisfaction through better utilization of skills-based routing.

Oracles Contact Center Anywhere delivers all of the above functionality and more with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere is a unified, inbound/outbound TDM/SIP-enabled multi-channel, multi-site contact center solution with adaptive ability to rapidly provision and modify all technology-driven business processes in real-time. This includes, ACD, skills-based routing, CTI, IVR, unified messaging, e-mail response management, Web chat, Web collaboration, voice over Web calls, Web call back, QM, and recording.

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere
provides true multi-tenancy by fully segmenting provisioning, staff, control, data, and software processes on common infrastructure. These tenant-specific software processes share common servers, gateways, software licenses, and phone lines to drive cost savings and efficiency gains. A key benefit of this approach is that technology resources can be shared across locations and business units while delivering local control for individual autonomous business units.
Outlined below are some key benefits of the CCA solution for you.
 Single Vendor Solution allowing for a true, 360-degree view of the constituent. This will also allow for priority routing of calls, and providing screen pops of the appropriate record to the call center agent.
 The CCA platform supports both SIP and PSTN-based platforms this means that we can quickly integrate with your current infrastructure.
 Agent/Supervisor integrated messaging the CCA platform will allow supervisors and agents to communicate via chat. This will provide a secure and consistent method of Instant Messaging, and eliminate the need to use a third party product.
 Easy provisioning Oracle CCA platform has a simple, easy to use administrative tool, making it straightforward for the Administrator, and even Supervisors, to set up the appropriate workgroups and call flows for their center. Because of the multi-tenant architecture of the CCA platform, your separate call centers can be set up independently of each other, but run on a common set of hardware.
 Agent Independence agents simply need an internet connection and a phone. You can enable agents to work from any location, including remote locations if they choose to
 Recording and Monitoring both Call Recording, and the ability to monitor calls are part of the CCA feature set
 Reporting Oracle CCA platform provides a comprehensive set of both real-time and historical reports, greatly improving the visibility and insight into your Call Center operations.

Key Features
 Multi-Channel ACD
 Built-In Softswitch (SIP IP PBX) and TDM Switching
 Provides skills-based routing and a universal queue for phone calls, e-mails, faxes, voicemails, voice-over-Web calls, callbacks to route customers in virtual queue, chat and Web-collaboration sessions
 Replaces or co-exists with existing PBX
 Inbound/outbound cross-media blending
 Integrated outbound predictive/preview dialing
 Chat: includes Web collaboration/form sharing, push technology and suggested response
 E-mail Management: includes automated e-mail management and e-mail routing with suggested responses
 Built-in recording, supervision and agent-coaching capabilities
 Voicemail, fax, and unified messaging
 Screen pops - integrated in pre-built agent User Interface or as separate screen
 Standard pre-built reports and report customization capabilities
 Integrated and pre-built real-time dashboards
 Soft wallboard and hard wallboard support
 Multi-tenancy and in-tenant partitioning
 Dynamic customer satisfaction capabilities that enable customers to rate agent skills and dynamically change ACD routing by changing agent skill-ratings in real-time based on a user-defined sample size
 Browser-based and Eclipse-based user interfaces (the latter enables easy user-specific User Interface customization that is Web-based and consistent regardless of which PC is used)
 Web services to embed functionality into third party applications
 Standardized delivery of call information to thick and thin-client CRM applications
 Real-Time, Web-based provisioning, moves/adds/changes and configuration changes

Agent Capabilities
 Provides agents with a single, easy-to-use, browser-based User Interface for handling all types of communications
 Project-specific scripts and FAQs are delivered along with each call or Web transaction, (empowering agents to solve customer problems quickly and accurately)
 Agent initiated Web collaboration sessions
 Ability to invite a supervisor or other agent to join a call
 Provides agent-initiated consent-to-transaction recording capability
 Complete customer interaction history reflecting previous history with contact center, including: details about calls made and received, copies of all faxes sent and received, copies of all e-mails sent and received, chat transcripts, notes taken on calls and recorded consents to transactions
 Real-time current call history lets the agent know how much time the customer has already spent on hold and how many times they have been transferred.
 Customer data transfers with calls so they never have to repeat their identifying information.

Integrated Supervision and Coaching Capabilities
 Supervision manager interface enables supervisors to ensure real-time quality in every transaction
 Supervisors can see what each agent is doing and how long they have been doing it
 Supervisors have the ability to identify agents who might be in trouble by defining out-of-norm situations, which create alerts on the supervisor's desktop (in dashboards).

 Ability for agents to request supervisory assistant via their desktop.
 Quality management capabilities:
      Live monitoring and coaching abilities. Supervisor can listen to the agent's call or view the agent's screen. If the Supervisor hears something inappropriate, they can whisper coach the agent so that the agent can hear the supervisor but the customer can't or chat with them.

      Supervisor can join calls
      On-demand recording initiated by supervisor or agent
      Supervisor can take over a call
      Supervisor can lock an agent out of the system
 Real-time and historical reporting
 Ability to create and customize real-time data fields and reporting information without programming resources. (Done via IBM Eclipse). This interface is Web-based enabling any supervisor to log in from any computer and retain their fully customized user interface. The Eclipse-based supervision manager User Interface can also display reporting data across individual partitions and aggregate that data on the desktop, an important capability for enterprises deploying in-tenant partitioning. This interface also provides the real-time agent management capabilities of the standard supervision manager interface.

Universal Queuing and Routing Contact Center Anywhere provides universal queuing as a core design attribute of the solution. Queuing and routing rules can be defined as universal for a project, where different media types can included or excluded based on administrator selections. The defined rules are consistently applied across all media channels, although users can define different routing rules for different media channels, if they prefer.

Multi-Channel Routing
 Weighted skills-based routing
 Customer priority routing
 Regional prefix routing
 Agent-association routing
 Business event routing
 Overflow conditional routing
 Virtual queuing with callback routing
 Agent preference routing (incorporating agent task preferences as a weighted variable in workgroup skills-based routing algorithms)

Real-Time Provisioning and Administration: Easy Set Up and Management
 Solution is rapidly provisioned, implemented and updated via a menu-driven browser-needs analysis process that happens in real-time, at no cost
 Administration Manager interface provides contact center managers with the power to create and manage and modify all technology-driven business rules and agent profiles in real-time
 Configuring call flows, IVR routing, multimedia campaigns and routing rules set up easily, even by novice users, using a series of drop down menus and radio button selections that reflect traditional needs-analysis questions
 Complex IVR applications with data integration are provisioned from the visual drag-and-drop Contact Center Anywhere Campaign Manager tool
 Administrators have access to comprehensive real-time data reports?a valuable tool for monitoring productivity and service levels
 Web services can be used to create customized applications and technology extensions to the platform
With Contact Center Anywhere, you can:
Migrate ACD processing from existing PBX to Contact Center Anywhere. The solution is capable of routing to many different end-points at any location, including legacy handsets. This means that agents can still use their existing PBX phones.
Contact Center Anywhere uses its IP/SIP capabilities to distribute calls across the entire corporate network. PSTN trunks can be re-terminated directed into the systems? gateways at a central location or distributed at gateways across sites (including via PBX tie lines used to route calls to the system).
Contact Center Anywhere can be connected to the network or to legacy PBX?s in several ways:
 Direct entry to global network, using gateways to convert PSTN to IP
 Contact Center Anywhere soft switch in back of any PBX by T1 lines; T1 lines converted to IP in gateways; agents use PBX phones for voice path
 Contact Center Anywhere soft switch working in conjunction with an IP PBX, such as Cisco Call Manager, where IP PBX uses VoIP to communicate to Contact Center Anywhere and agents use Cisco IP phones
This capability will help speed the deployment of the CCA ACD for you, and helps ensure all functionality to be seamlessly delivered via SIP-based IP-switching or via TDM-based switching.

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere solution will allow you to deliver cost-effective and flexible contact center solutions to their various customer centers and it is being successfully used by many organizations in both the Commercial and Higher Education space. Contact Center Anywhere has won 49 industry awards from such sources as Frost & Sullivan, Call Center Magazine, Internet Telephony

Magazine, Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine, Communications Convergence Magazine, ICCM, TMC Labs, and others. With experience in delivering both Multi-Channel Contact Center and CRM solutions, Oracle is uniquely positioned to help you deliver a comprehensive solution to their end customers. We look forward to having the opportunity to further discuss the application benefits.