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Hosted Predictive Dialer Systems

What's happening in the call center now is the combination of voice and data. Call centers are using open dialing platforms to take advantage of other specific technologies in the call center. It's a powerful means of taking the benefits of predictive dialers even further. Essential call center equipment

like ACDs, PBXs, VOIP Gateways, Digital Recording and predictive dialers now work in concert, allowing for greater efficiency and productivity. The Hosted predictive dialer was thought to improve the working comfort in one objective: the Performance of your employees in dealing with incoming or outgoing telephone calls.

Predictive Dialer Functions

The development of the Hosted predictive dialer goals the best performance for telesale, teleprospection, debt collection and telemarketing campaigns. The hosted predictive dialer will screen these calls out. When handled correctly the end effect is a new live call for each sales agent every 5-8 seconds. The Hosted predictive dialer increases up to 70% your productivity. The Hosted predictive dialer manages time zones and quotas, integrates a "Do not call list", a powerful outbound campaigns and call blending management, in its call center software version. These functionalities complete the efficiency of the Hosted predictive dialer. Hosted predictive dialers will allow you, for each campaign to set one of the 5 dialing modes that are at your disposal, matching with your objective. The Hosted predictive dialer manages every campaign is independently from the others, and you can thus define every criteria to adapt it to your target. The Hosted predictive dialer software will only send productive calls to the TSR's drastically increasing their hourly talk time whatever the hour of production. Hosted predictive dialers allows you to automatically contact your clients or prospects by broadcasting a pre recorded message or an SMS, can be used for promotional offers, invitations or important information alerts. With a hosted predictive dialer agents no longer waste valuable production time dealing with: Busy signals No-answers Answering machines Auto-Attendants Operating Intercepts Disconnected Numbers.

The hosted predictive dialer will screen these calls out. Your agents will only deal with live contacts, allowing them to spend 45 minutes or more each hour actually talking to a potential customer. When the agent has completed the conversation they simply move from one ready call to another, without stopping to dial, listen, or choose the next call.

With a hosted predictive dialer agents no longer waste valuable production time dealing with:

  •  Busy signals
  •   No-answers
  •   Answering machines
  •   Auto-Attendants
  •   Operating Intercepts
  •   Disconnected Numbers

Call centers around the world are the first line of contact for many companies of all industries. With the weight of these companies' marketing and customer support of their backs, call centers need to have first a rock solid technology infrastructure and second highly functional state of the art tools. At the heart of every call center is their telephony network.

Predictive Dialer Software

Other advantages include customization of the software suites to meet the needs on an individual basis. Hosted predictive dialers (aka Virtual Predictive Dialers, Web-Enabled Predictive Dialers, VoIP Predictive Dialers) use the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to provide organizations and individuals with a predictive dialer capability. Contrary to other industry Hosted predictive dialers softwares there is no minimum number of TSR's or minimum number of leads that are required in your call list for this dialing mode to operate efficiently and produce results. But also, the Hosted predictive dialer software detects 100% of mobile voice messaging systems. More sophisticated software has the ability to accept natural speech (meaning speech as we usually speak it rather than carefully-spoken speech). The real time supervision of your call files and calls, thedistant listen of outbound calls set in the predictive-dialer-software will be an invaluable asset.


Through the convergence of VOIP technology, the global demand for powerful and cost effective solutions has increased. Hosted predictive dialers allows you to automatically contact your clients or prospects by broadcasting a pre recorded message or an SMS, can be used for promotional offers, invitations or important information alerts. Hosted Predictive Dialers are the most powerful and the most productivity-enhancing. Hosted predictive dialers, linked to SMS support, is nowadays used for debt collection, with hight rates of recovered debts. The hosted predictive dialers require zero investment for license.

Hosted Predictive Dialer Systems

The primary functions within a call center is a aggregation of data control and voice related systems, There are many different dialing systems on the market today, and many of these allow the users to control the differing schedules and data recording systems, but very often they are a combination of programs and need administering constantly. This Hosted Predictive Dialer Systems is very up to date in its design and creates many benefits to the agents using the system and the people administering it. And these systems take you to the next level of predictive dialers making it indispensable in its design.

As many predictive dialers operate with VOIP gateways, PBXs digital recordings and ACDs which work in a performance based system that allows access to all these necessary tools for the modern call center. Hosted systems work with one goal in mind, and that is to enhance the overall performance of the agents that currently use these multi faceted systems on a daily basis and creating a user friendly environment for them to operate from. This one aim is crucial to your success as a customer service center which has the need for up to date communications systems to work all day every day.

The improvement of these systems is crucial to maintaining the predictive dialer goals that are a requirement of your business; simply put you must have access to the latest and most up to date equipment and systems to make the organization run smoothly and efficiently. With targets in mind for the following your systems must give the very best in performance, telemarketing campaigns, debt collection, teleprospection, and for telesales, without a good predictive dialer system you could be missing the boat, and a good system should be able to screen out the desired calls to be able to stay at the forefront of these issues.

The Hosted Predictive Dialer should and can deliver increases of up to 70% on your base productivity and this should start to pay for itself very quickly. Also the system will negotiate between differing time zones and the like, also keeping the agent on top of quotas to help them remain productive. As part of the system it should also create a do not call list for those customers you do not need to call back, as well as call blending being a strong part of the overall management tool selection.

You have the option to specify which management campaigns you wish to utilize with your system as well, this is done as an independent part of the system allowing for the criteria to be modified suiting your current campaigns. The software will only allow successful calls to be made and when it does so it utilizes the TSRs thereby maximizing the hourly talk time and there again increasing the productivity of your agents.

So you can get the idea that the Hosted Predictive Dialer systems are very much a tool to enhance your business statistics and allowing the agents to be operating more efficiently which is their function. This tool will greatly enhance the overall productivity of your organizations bottom line.

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