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Verint Impact360 Workforce Management

Contact Center eLearning

Impact 360 eLearning brings training to the desktop, helping you build employee skills — and customer satisfaction.

The Impact 360 Workforce Optimization, Workforce Management, and Quality Monitoring solution packages come with built-in, Web-based eLearning functionality that can help your organization take charge of training — and then excel at it. You benefit from a practical, powerful solution that can deliver measurable results.

With Impact 360, training is available directly on the agent desktop. Training can be assigned in a number of ways:

  •  Automatically — Impact 360 automatically triggers training assignments based on scorecard results and/or quality monitoring performance evaluations.
  •  By supervisors — Based on their own observations about employee strengths and weaknesses, supervisors can manually assign training to individuals or groups.
  •  By employees — Employees can manually assign lessons to themselves to proactively improve their skills.

Impact 360 delivers this content directly to the employee desktop, so your staff can access their training assignments without ever leaving their desks. Pop-up alerts and email notifications inform users about scheduled learning events, such as lesson assignments, lesson times, or lessons approaching a due date.

Impact 360 can deliver assignments at the most opportune time to minimize impact on service levels. Training content can include:

  •  Content created in house
  •  AICC-compliant courseware purchased off the shelf
  •  Learning “clips” from your organization’s recorded interactions. You can define business rules, capture interactions, and then edit them into “learning clips” that highlight best practices, such as examples of successful up-selling.

A flexible system of access rights enables supervisors to browse through course completion reports and subsequent performance records to assess the progress of individual agents, teams, or the contact center as a whole.